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Home Mobile Phone Projector LED Portable Miniature

Home Mobile Phone Projector LED Portable Miniature

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1. Support 26-100 inches, whether it is a small bedroom or a large living room, it can project a 100-inch large screen.
2. 1080P high resolution, you can enjoy theater screening without leaving home.
3. Built-in speaker, synchronous audio and video transmission, small speakers can also be connected outdoors.
4. Various interfaces include HD / USB / AV / MicroSD / MicroUSB, very suitable for connection
5. Notebook computers, DVD players, speakers, U disks and other suitable external devices.
6. Small and portable, with an ergonomic handle design, which is convenient for outdoor carrying without charging.

Product information:
Single piece with packaging: 0.82KG
Color box size: 20*12*17cm
Projection method: front projection
Output interface: earphone
Product size: 117. .8*133. .4*94. 9m
Imaging technology: TFT LCD
Physical resolution: 640*360
Support resolution: 1920*1080
Light source: LED
Focus: Manual
Projection distance: 1.2---5M
Projection ratio: 1.62:1
Screen tomb ratio: 16:9

Packing list:
YG230 host + remote control + power adapter + three-in-one AV cable + manual + packing box

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